Japanese beetles are about to emerge in force, threatening crops & gardens

Des Moines, Iowa – With all the fuss about musician Paul McCartney making his first concert stop in Iowa in a dozen years, there’s news of looming trouble with another beetle, the creepy-crawly kind. Entomologist Robert Wright says conditions appear favorable this year for a wider infestation of the Japanese beetle in Iowa and across the region. It can be a threat to Iowa’s top two crops and our gardens.

Iowans have likely seen the bug but may not know it’s a Japanese beetle. They’re easy to identify.

The pests have been in the U-S for nearly a century and here in the Midwest for perhaps 30 years. Not only are they a threat to corn and soybean crops, but they can gobble up our gardens and landscaping.

Iowa’s farmers need to be on particular guard for the insect.

He says the same insecticide used to control white grubs also works well on the beetles.

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