Iowa sees temperature extremes during April, from 20 degrees into the 80s

Des Moines, Iowa – May weather is starting out bucking the norm in Iowa with unseasonably cold temperatures and light snow in parts of northern Iowa. State climatologist Harry Hillaker says April was also a month of unusual extremes as the state saw temperatures range from as low as 20 degrees to well into the 80s. There were six days where temps reached into the 80s somewhere in the state.

Many Iowans may’ve used both their air conditioners and their furnaces during April, alternating their clothes as well from t-shirts and shorts to long pants, sweaters and heavy coats.

Despite all of the rain lately, the first half of the month was relatively dry, which balanced out to Iowa getting about a quarter-inch more rain than usual during the month. April is often a month with a lot of turbulent weather but Hillaker says there were fewer severe weather events than is typical. There were only three days during the month where severe weather was reported in the state, the 9th, the 15th and the 19th.

One tornado was reported during April, on the 19th near Carroll, but damage was minor. As for the month ahead, the long-range forecast for May calls for a somewhat drier-than-usual trend and temperatures near-normal.

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