May is National Foster Care Month

Des Moines, Iowa – May is National Foster Care Month and an Iowan who works to get kids into foster homes says it has a two-fold purpose.

That’s Bambi Schrader of the Iowa Kids Network who says the need for foster parents continues to grow.

She says there are some four-thousand kids across the state who need foster care.  She says they are looking for anyone who is willing to help.

Schrader says there are some key things that make a good foster family.

Schrader says every parents faces challenges with their own kids, and taking on foster kids is no different.

Schrader encourages anyone interested in foster care to seek out more information.

Schrader says once you call they will let you know the requirements for being a foster parents and then will work you through the process to be able help the kids who need a home.

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