Farm Energy Fair to be held Tuesday at NICC Calmar

Calmar, Iowa – The Farm Energy Fair will be taking place on June 13th at the NICC Campus in Calmar, and there, farmers can learn how to save money that could be going to waste.

Joel Zook, member of the Farm Energy Fair, says the day will have different segments on how farmers could save money.

There will also be an expo in the afternoon that will allow the farmers to connect with contractors. Zook says there are many places where farmers can save money and energy.

Zook says there are incentives for farmers who are reluctant to change. Things like rebates and cost share with the NRCS’s Equip Program benefit the farmer when they make changes. He also says that the changes don’t make a big difference in your everyday life.

The Farm Energy Fair will be in the Wilder Business Center. To register go to or call 563-382-4207.

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