Motorists advised to be on the lookout as deer movement picks up

Des Moines, Iowa – We are several months away from the fall harvest and the prime time to see deer on the move across roadways in the state. But Iowa D-N-R wildlife biologist Jim Coffey says don’t let down your guard now because it’s Bambi time.

The rules for deer movement are much different this time of year than in the fall.

He says farmers are cutting hay right now too, and that pushes the deer out of those fields.

Coffey says newer and faster equipment makes it tougher on the animals that take refuge in a hay field.

This is the time of year where you might come upon a fawn that appears to be abandoned.  Coffey says that’s not the case and you should avoid the temptation to take some kind of action.

Coffey says the recent clear, warm days are enjoyed as much by the animals as they are by the people in Iowa.

Coffey says you should be extra alert for the moving deer through the end of this month.


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