Concerns about endangered turtles delay trail bridge razing

Danger signs posted on the banks of the Cedar River upsteam from unstable bridge
Charles City, Iowa (AP) – Concerns about an endangered turtle species are delaying demolition of the Charley Western Trail bridge in Charles City.

Wood turtles along the Cedar River could be imperiled by work tearing down the bridge. The wood turtle is considered endangered in Iowa.

City engineer John Fallis says a review of the wood turtle habitat is required before further action. Permits are needed from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Iowa Department of Natural Resources before the demolition can occur. On Monday the City Council is expected to review plans for an environmental assessment.

Part of a supporting arch structure on the trail bridge collapsed in April.

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  1. That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve heard in quite a while. You make noise and cause commotion and the turtles and fish move away problem solved they relocate themselves. Egg laying and hatching is done for the year.

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