Random Act of Kindness group started in Chickasaw County

New Hampton, Iowa – Chickasaw County got a little more generous when a few people started a Random Act of Kindness group. The RAK is only three months into their existence but they have already been able to do a few projects.

Group member, Becky Hackman, says a spaghetti dinner has been one of their projects so far and this was given to families so they would have the ingredients to cook.

Another group member, Angie Rowan, says people do care and that paying it forward has a ripple effect.

It starts with one person doing something generous for someone else and Rowan says it builds like a snowball down a hill.

This Chickasaw County RAK is still young, but Stephanie Scott says the group got its start by lending a helping hand to another person.

Random acts of kindness don’t have to be big gestures. Something little goes a long way as well.

To learn more, go to their Facebook page.

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