Rep. Prichard to Participate in European Exercise as Part of Army Reserve

Charles City, Iowa – State Representative and Lt. Colonel Todd Prichard will be going to Bulgaria on July 16th to take part in a European Exercise. Lt. Prichard will be gone for three weeks.

This comes when he is campaigning to become the governor of Iowa. Prichard says that he will still work on organizing his campaign and will participate in party activities.

“I have been proud to serve in the Armed Forces, just as I have been as a state legislator and county prosecutor. While I will be off the campaign trail for three weeks, my campaign to fight for the Iowans who have been forgotten by the Reynolds administration will proceed in my absence. I look forward to returning to the campaign trail in early August and continuing the fight for every Iowan.”

Prichard has been deployed five times in his 22 years of service: El Salvador in 1998, Kuwait in 2000, Egypt in 2003, and Iraq in 2006 and 2007.

According to Prichard’s news release, deployment is a part of the Saber Guardian 2017 exercise.

“Exercise Saber Guardian is a multinational exercise under U.S. European Command’s Joint Exercise Program. It enhances joint and combined interoperability across a variety of mission sets between Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, the United States, NATO allies, and Partnership for Peace nations. U.S. Army Europe leads Saber Guardian 2017.”

Lt. Prichard says that he has dedicated his whole life to serving his community, state, and country. He will continue to do that.

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