Anthony Schmitz Sentenced to Prison

Charles City, Iowa – An Ionia man has been sentenced for an accident that happened back on December 20th in Charles City. Anthony Schmitz was one of the four injured in this crash and he is now facing up to 15 years in prison.

Schmitz was traveling with two of his daughters in the car on that day. Both Schmitz and his oldest daughter, Mary Jane, were flown to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota while his other daughter, Miley Schmitz, was taken to the Floyd County Medical Center. The other driver involved in the head on collision was Heather Meyer of Bassett.

Meyer’s husband says that his wife sustained injuries to her hands and wrists that ran their medical bills up to $300,000.

After blood work came back that indicated Schmitz was either on amphetamines or methamphetamines during the crash, he received felony charges of child endangerment and serious injury by vehicle.

Schmitz was charged 10 years in prison for child endangerment and five years for serious injury by vehicle. He must also pay restitution to Heather Meyer.

This case was heard in the Floyd County District Court and the Floyd County Attorney, Rachel Ginbey, says Schmitz changed his story “several times.” She also added that he failed to take responsibility for his actions.

Mary Jane Schmitz also spoke at the sentencing once again asking for help for her father’s drug addiction. Miley Schmitz added, “God has a bigger plan for my dad.”

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