Charles City Ragbrai Committee Looks to be Gracious Hosts

Charles City, Iowa – One week from today, thousands of cyclists will be filling the streets of Charles City. Some host cities put decorations up over their town to enhance its image, but Phoebe Pittman, co-chair of the Ragbrai Committee, says this community has a lot to offer.

One of Pittman’s main focuses is hospitality. She wants to leave the bikers with a positive attitude about Charles City. One idea she says is to greet the bikers as they come over the Main Street bride.

Since there will be so many bikers in town, a map has been put out to show what roads are going to be closed.

There will be shuttles available all day and night until the bikers get to where they need to be. Along with them, Charles City residents will also have access to this resource.

Pittman wants to leave a good taste in the mouth of the bikers who will be coming through Charles City next week, so she wants to leave a positive memory of the town when the bikers leave.

For more information about the RAGBRAI stop, road closures and more, click here.