High Speed Chase Extends Over Three Counties

Plymouth, Iowa – The Iowa State Patrol, along with the Cerro Gordo Sheriff’s Office, Butler County Sheriff’s Office, and the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office all assisted in a high-speed chase on Monday morning.

The chase began in Cerro Gordo County and hit a top speed of 125 miles per hour. The driver, 31-year-old Robert Hartkopp, was eventually taken into custody in Butler County.

An officer attempted to pull over Hartkopp near Thrush Avenue and 325th Street and wasn’t caught until he was close to Highway 3 and Keystone Avenue.

The chase went on for several miles and Hartkopp now faces the following charges: eluding law enforcement, possession of a controlled substance, driving while license is suspended, no insurance, improper rear lamp, operation without registration and failure to obey stop signs.


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