This robocall could get you up to $900

Chicago, IL – The business Resort Marketing Group will have to pay up after they violated a law and if you have a phone number, you could be eligible to get money.

A class action lawsuit was filed against RMG or “Travel Services” on the phone and now they could pay up to $12.5 million to eligible members.

RMG had pre-recorded robocalls from 2009 to 2014 where they were offering free cruises with different cruise lines. This violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and now each line that received that call could receive up to $900, but could be less depending on the number of eligible claims submitted.

One phone line can submit up to three calls, with each call being worth up to $300. To see if you are eligible for this, go to this page.

RMG is a third-party travel agency. All claims must be made by November 3rd.

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