Interim Police Chief Named for Nashua

Nashua, Iowa – The Nashua police chief is stepping down from his duties in the Chickasaw County town and heading over to West Union.

Paul Becthold grew up as a kid in Nashua, attended Nashua High School and since 2002, has been on the police department in Nashua. Becthold received the title of “police chief” in 2014, but now he is leaving his hometown to further his career.

He will now be the police chief in West Union. Becthold says that this brings better opportunities to him and his family.

His last day will be Oct. 13, and at that time, Travis Marvin will be named the interim police chief. Marvin said on Monday night that he, too, has applied for another job, so he could not confirm how long he will be the police chief.


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