UPDATE – Linderman’s Trial Date Changes to Next Spring

Jasper County, IA – A Charles City man who is being accused of murdering a man in Jasper County has had his trial date pushed back to next spring.

Jose Ramirez was killed earlier this year in his Jasper County home. The autopsy revealed that blunt force trauma was his cause of death. DNA that matches with Linderman’s DNA was also found on the victim’s body.

Linderman’s court date was originally set for Oct. 18, but that has been change to March 7 of next year. That will be a little over a year since Ramirez’ family found his body.

Linderman has pleaded not guilty to this charge. This is not the first time he has been involved with the law. He has spent time in prison before, and he is currently on the state’s sex offender list for a 3rd degree sexual assault charge in 2001.


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