Smooth Surface Thanks to Some Volunteers

Jackson Junction, IA – Fielding a baseball off of a bumpy ground when playing baseball is a very hard thing to do. That is what the condition of the Turkey Valley outfield was like after their season this year. An uneven ground would affect the way the ball bounced. That problem was recently fixed.

The school board had been accepting bids and those came in around $30,000. 25 people volunteered to help as an alternative. That act of generosity ended up saving the school around $25,000.

Not only did the volunteers get the job done, but they got it done within a week. Since they got done so early, they can now plant grass seed before the temperature dips down.

The outfield is now restored and the district saved a lot of money. The school board’s vice president, Don Blazek, says that that money is enough to pay a teacher’s salary.


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