Board of Supervisors Addresses Anhydrous Tank

Charles City, IA – The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met for their biweekly meeting on Tuesday at the Floyd County Courthouse.

One of the bigger issues addressed at this meeting was regarding an anhydrous tank that Norwood Porks LLC, is looking to have installed.

A resident that shares a property line with the agriculture company said that there is concern for the animals that are on the property next to Norwood Porks. He provided an example of a farmer who had one of these tanks put in next to his property that had over 60 animals die because a tube had been cut and the cattle were exposed to it.

He also says there is no security, so people who make drugs could sneak in at night and steal some of this chemical. Anhydrous is an ingredient in meth.

This conversation was tabled until the risks were reviewed further.

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