Wednesday and Thursday Arrests in Charles City

Charles City, IA – Four arrests took place on Wednesday and Thursday in Charles City last week.

One happened on Wednesday when 33-year-old Lyntiffany Holdman of Charles City was pulled over for a traffic stop. As a result, police report that she was driving on a suspended license and had no proof of insurance. She was arrested at North Jackson Street and Hulin Street.

On Thursday, 33-year-old Richard Keitzer of Springfield, Missouri, was arrested for having no drivers license, no insurance and no seat belt after a traffic stop in the 300 block of Salsbury Ave.

The third arrest happened in the 1000 block of North Grand Ave. 31-year-old Dean Neave of Charles City was arrested for public intoxication which is his 3rd offense. He would then receive interfence with official acts. This occurred when they were trying to arrest him.

The final arrest on Thursday was also for public intoxication. 25-year-old Logan Pfertzel of Charles City was arrested in the 2200 block of Clarkview Drive. The Charles City Police Department was called to that area for a disturbance call.


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