Board of Supervisors Approve Dangerous Dog Ordinance

Floyd County, IA – The Floyd County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday morning for their bi-monthly meeting.

The third reading for the “Dangerous Dog Ordinance” was held. There had been no comments over the first few readings by the public, but supervisor Linda Tjaden said that she had talked to some people that were all in favor of this becoming a law.

There is no specific dog listed on the description of the ordinance, but once resident of Floyd County added some input into this conversation. Dianne Jacobson, resident of Floyd County, wanted to make sure that this ordinance wasn’t talking specifically about pit bulls.

This ordinance was, however, approved unanimously by the three board members.

Another topic discussed was the Zoetis Expansion Project. Officials from Zoetis came and were asking for the Board of Supervisors’ support with this project. The Board supported the project. The expansion will cost around $55 million and will bring six full time jobs with it.

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