Charles City Murder Trial from 2008 Resurfaces

Floyd County, IA – A murder trial that took place in Charles City a few years ago has been brought back to the surface.

52-year-old Richard Cortez was sentenced to 60 years in prison after he stabbed three people in Charles City on May 16, 2008. Two people survived the attack, but one man died. The murder happened at Tori’s Bar, and Cortez’s BAC was three times higher than the legal limit.

It has now been released that one of the surviving victims who testified has lied about his true identity. The victim went before the jury as Cyrus Riley, but his real name is Barry Holden. Holden has a record for felony crimes in Illinois.

Cortez has filed a request for post-conviction relief. He claims that since the victim lied about what his real name was that credibility issues come into play.

On February 14, 2018, a non-jury trial will be held in the Floyd County District Court.

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