New Hampton Veterans Day Events

Flags And Helmet
Vintage Vietnam era helmet at a celebration of Veterans of Foreign Wars in Sutherlin Oregon

New Hampton, IA – Nov. 11 is a day to remember those brave men and women who have risked their lives so U.S. citizens could live their lives. The New Hampton community will be having a few events this weekend to commemorate these veterans.

New Hampton High School will be hosting an event this year on Nov. 10. Things will get started with a breakfast between the students and veterans with the ceremony following. Brian Quirk, commander of the American Legion in New Hampton, says more.

On Saturday, another ceremony will be held in front of the court house. Bob Fenske will be speaking along with some others.

This day is to honor the sacrifices made by veterans who fought for our well-being. The United States has a rich history of people who have risked it all. This day is for them.

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