Local Elections Results

Northeast Iowa – Local elections were held is towns all over northeast Iowa on Tuesday. Results have come back with the winners for each election.

Charles City:

Mayor – Dean Andrews 53.67%



Mayor – Jeff Wright (Write in)

City Council At Large –

Judy Budwig

Jennifer Cross

Rachel Krause

Mark Kirsch

Roger Michael


Marble Rock:

City Council At Large –

Todd Schriever 23.73%

J.R. Ackley 14.92%

Gary L. Schmidt 13.56%



Mayor – Butch Betsinger

City Council At Large –

Tom Johnson

Scott Cerwinske


New Hampton:

City Council At Large –

Matt Kuhn 77.87%


Nora Springs:

City Council At Large –

James Kraninger 43.38%

Margaret Ueker 33.46%



City Council At Large –

Jason Stokes 23.59%

Daniel Paulus 20%

Vernon Arndt 12.31%



City Council At Large –

Matthew A. Bouillon 33.96%

Tyler Scheer 29.25%


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