SoFar Brings Issue to Light

Charles City, IA – A new possibility for an ordinance in Charles City was brought to light by a local group that is battling the war on drugs.

SoFar Group introduced the outline for this. This law would require that every resident in rental property disclose their names to their landlords. Steve Diers, city administrator in Charles City, says that this hasn’t really been brought up to the city.


There are residents who are in favor of this proposal, but there are also those who are against it. The argument against says that this violates a person’s constitutional rights.

This is nowhere close to becoming an official ordinance. Diers says what all has to take place for any law to pass.

This topic was brought to light to help lower the number of drugs in Charles City. This possibility is still in its early stages, and an outcome for this decision is not in the foreseeable future.


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