Man Charged in Deer Hunter Murder Case

Appanoose County, IA – A Cedar Falls hunter had reportedly gone to Appanoose County on Nov. 23 to get some hunting equipment he had left out. He was reported missing on Nov. 25.

31-year-old Curtis Ross’ car was found near the Rathbun Lake Hunting Area, and later that day his body was discovered. After an autopsy was done, it was found that he had been shot and stabbed multiple times. Shell casings were found by his body that had fingerprints on them. This led to a man being charged with first-degree murder.

27-year-old Ethan Davis of Promise City were the fingerprints authorities had come across. His house and car were searched and blood was found in his car. A rifle was also discovered with blood on it. The casings that were found near Ross’ body were a match with the rifle found on his property.

Davis was arrested on Nov. 25 for an unrelated incident, but he has been in prison since then.


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