Two Fires in Charles City

Friday night fire damages home at 405 Wright Ave in Charles City (Photo credit: Romaine Wells)

Charles City, IA – Fire fighters in Charles City had a busy day Thursday as they were called to a couple different fires in town.

At around 2 p.m., the CCFD was called to 305 South Iowa St. No injuries occurred in this fire, but some damage was done to the house. Fire fighters determined that a ceiling fan had shorted out causing insulation in the attic to catch fire. The house is not currently livable and repairs will be made to fix the house.

The last fire on the day happened at the Wedgewood Estates. A fireplace that had not been cleaned caught fire, setting the chimney ablaze. No serious structure damage was done to the chimney, but the CCFD reminds people to have chimneys cleaned before their first use every year.

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