Multiple Students Charged Found Sexting After Investigations

Fayette County, IA – A string of harassments over cell phones in northeast Iowa has gotten the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office involved.

Three different schools have seen their students get charged for many different crimes. Six total students from North Fayette High School, North Fayette Middle School and Starmont High School have received charges.

From North Fayette HS, a 16-year-old male received a third-degree harassment charge for spreading photos of a minor; another 16-year-old female received charges for possession and delivery of marijuana, sexual exploitation of a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia; and a 15-year-old female received drug and paraphernalia charges.

At North Fayette MS, a 13-year-old male was charged with invasion of privacy for taking a picture in a restroom.

Finally, at Starmont HS, a 15-year-old male was charged with third degree harassment while a 15-year-old female received third-degree harassment for taking photos of a student without them knowing.


Authorities are still investigating these cases.


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