Floyd County Supervisors Meet

Charles City, IA – The Floyd County Board of Supervisors held their bi-monthly meeting yesterday.

A resolution was presented to the Board that was looking for support of an Opioid Litigation Action. This document says that Floyd County does have an opioid problem along with the rest of the nation. Supervisor Kamm says that he supports the national movement, but does not think there is an issue in Floyd County. Supervisors Mark Kuhn and Linda Tjaden say that they disagree with this document also. The board did not give support to the opioid issue.

Supervisor Mark Kuhn announced that this will be his last term as a supervisor.

He is announcing this now so others can decide if they want to run for this position. Kuhn is glad that he got to help Floyd County.

Kuhn says that he wants to focus on his farm, wife and family.

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