DAP Teaches Kids the Dangers about Drugs

Charles City, IA – Kids can be easily peer pressured into things when they are young. Their friends may find some cigarettes and convince them that it is cool to smoke. Sixth grade students at Immaculate Conception School are taking a class that teaches them the dangers of tobacco and marijuana.

The class is called Drug Awareness and Prevention or DAP. Former police officer, Bob Svec, meets with these students a few times a month to educate them about the harmfulness of these drugs.

Sixth graders in the class, Clayton Wright and Alex Haus, say what they learned after the first day of class.

Wright and Haus say what they are looking forward to for the rest of the course.

Cari Barry, teacher at IC School, says what she hopes her students take away from the course.

DAP is sponsored by the Charles City Elks Lodge.