Officers Names Released

Nashua, IA – A man was shot and killed on Jan. 18. The shot and killed is 29-year-old Jihad Merrick of Minneapolis.

He had been seen at the Floyd Truck Stop pointing a gun at his head. He then drove away on Highway 218 and was pulled over by a Nashua Police Officer. Merrick proceeded to get out of his vehicle while pointing the gun at his head. He then got back into his car and tried pulling ahead. Merrick fired off a shot and he struck an officer with his car. Two officers fired back, killing Merrick.

Several law enforcement agencies had responded to this call. The troopers, deputies and officers names were just released on Wednesday: Troopers Nathaniel Miller, Chris Forsyth and Ken Haut; Bremer County Deputy Glenn Beenblossom; Chief of Nashua Police Travis Marvin; Nashua Police Officer Benjamin Scholl; and Chickasaw County Deputy Adam Hanson.


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