Roadway Death Totals in Iowa in 2017

Des Moines, Iowa – Death totals on Iowa roadways in 2017 was 331 people. This involved all wrecks and people being struck by vehicles.

Many motorcyclists died in accidents last year. Shawn Wuchter, State Trooper, says that this number shocked him.

The number of alcohol related deaths has dropped down, but Wuchter believes that this is still an issue.

The legal limit was dropped years ago. Wuchter thinks that this has affected the way people think before they get behind the steering wheel.

Another thing that helps prevent fatalities on roadways is a seatbelt. Wuchter has seen some people’s lives spared just by wearing a seatbelt.

One final statistic Wuchter mentioned was that 70% of the 331 fatalities took place on secondary roads in Iowa last year.


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