Iowa State Patrol has some tips for driving on ice

Des Moines, Iowa – There have already been several multiple car-accidents on state roadways this winter and driving conditions are expected to be less than ideal on Tuesday. Iowa State Patrol spokesman Nathan Ludwig says the winter weather is just one factor in two of the big accidents on I-35 which involved 70 cars and then more than 90.

He says going too fast for the weather conditions is probably the biggest factor in most accidents.

Ludwig says you also need to expand your awareness in winter driving conditions.

Sergeant Ludwig says freezing rain adds another dimension to winter driving.

He says if others are still passing you by as you slow down,  keep your speed down, because you may see them in the ditch down the road.

Also be aware that some spots are more prone to freezing than others.

Ludwig says traveling 70 on dry pavement, requires an overall stopping distance of around 350 feet, while traveling 50 miles-an-hour on dry pavement, requires an overall stopping distance of around 198 feet. Those distances all increase when you are driving in wet, icy conditions.


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