Threats Issued at Mason City High School

Mason City, IA – A Mason City student had threatened to bring a gun to school and cause harm to students late last week. The person responsible has since been referred to court.

The Mason City Police Department was notified about this threat and are currently investigating the case. The identity of the juvenile will not be made known since he is under the age of 18. In Iowa, a juvenile’s name is not given to the public unless it is a forcible charge.

A school resource officer was notified of this threat on Friday at 4 p.m. and then proceeded to turn it over to law enforcement.

The juvenile is facing charges, and class will continue as usual.

The school was then made aware of another threat on Monday. The MCPD are currently investigating this occurrence as well. The school was supposed to have a pep rally on Monday afternoon.

Authorities are also looking into this threat. The school day is functioning as usual, but the law enforcement is at the high school. The school says the safety of their students is their number one priority.


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