New Hampton Discusses Garbage Bags vs. Bins

New Hampton, Iowa – The New Hampton city council met in regular session on Monday March 5 at 7:00 p.m. where a capacity crowd filled the council chambers to discuss garbage: Bags vs. Bins.

The crowd appeared to be almost split as to their preference of container.  Mayor Deb Larson gave a short presentation breaking down the cost difference between the bags versus bins before opening the floor up for discussion from the community.

Ashely Schucchhart, a resident of New Hampton’s Ward 1 presented the city council with a petition containing 131 names of people who are in favor of switching to the bins.

Dorthy Beyer spoke to the crowd and gave her feelings as to why she would like to see the city continue on with using garbage bags.   Ms. Beyer also presented a petition to the city council with 199 signatures in favor of keeping the current bags.

The city council did not take any official action on this matter during this meeting.


Chris Berg

Chris was born in Webster City and raised in Charles City. As a young kid, he would always be caught singing along to songs on the radio. He says he's good at karaoke but we think otherwise. ;) In his free time, he enjoys beginning new projects at home and hardly ever finishing them. Chris lives in Charles City with his wife Vicki, daughter Brynlee and son Jaxon.

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