DOT 5-year plan includes interstates improvements, new bridge near Floyd

Des Moines, Iowa – The draft five-year transportation improvement plan that covers spending on all forms of transportation was presented to the Iowa Transportation Commission earlier this week.  Three-point-four BILLION dollars of the program goes for the state roadways and D-O-T spokesman Stuart Anderson says that includes a lot of ongoing work on the interstates.

There are also several projects on non-interstate highway.

Other state highway corridors are also in the plan.

The new overpass on the Avenue of the Saints and Highway 218 near Floyd is in the plan as well, expected to be built in 2022. Anderson says part of the funding comes from the gas tax increase.

The Transportation Commission will take a vote on the program next month.

Anderson says the years in this program have been some of the top years for the number of road construction projects.

To view some of the proposed projects across the state, follow this link.


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