2 eaglets in Decorah bald eagle nest die

Decorah, Iowa (AP) – A group that keeps an eye on the eagle population in Iowa says two eaglets at a nest in Decorah have died.

A pathogen carried by blackflies, coupled with recent high heat and humidity, led to the baby birds’ deaths.

The Raptor Resource project – a nonprofit organization that runs the popular webcam trained on the nest – says the birds were hatched on May 18 and May 20, considered late for eagles.

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  1. Typical fake news story from the AP. There are two Decorah eagle nests
    online. The one in the “story” is the NORTH nest, not the main nest. The
    eaglets in the main nest are much older and are fine. They are
    currently being pestered by gnats and black flies, but are old enough to
    survive. Look up the main nest video on YouTube, since Disgust won’t allow me to post URL’s.

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