Reminder that texting at stop sign is illegal in Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa – A spokesperson for the Iowa State Patrol is reminding motorists that the state’s year-old law against texting and driving doesn’t just apply to vehicles that are in motion. Sergeant Nate Ludwig says it’s also illegal for a driver to text when they’re waiting at a stop sign. Ludwig says it can be frustrating for other drivers who are playing by the rules.

The Iowa State Patrol recently reported, over the first year of the stricter texting-while-driving law, Troopers issued 1,131 citations to motorists. The violation can cost a person over $100. Ludwig says the State Patrol, at times, has placed Troopers in unmarked cars to catch unsuspected motorists who are texting behind the wheel.

The law that made texting while driving a “primary” offense took effect on July 1, 2017. Prior to that, police could only issue a citation for texting while driving if the officer stopped the driver for another offense.


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