Local Government Notes: A Divided Council Approves Crosswalks And County Supervisors Receive Real Estate Offer

Charles City, Iowa – It was a divided Charles City Council last night.

The council did not agree whether putting a cross walk in across from the theater improved the safety of patrons.

The main concern is for motorists not recognizing a cross walk in the middle of a block instead the crosswalks already in place at the ends of the 400 block.

The project’s price tag would be $8,000.  Council members weighed whether or not patrons would use the cross walk or walk across the middle of the street.

The city council approved the project 3-2.

The Charles City Council met last night in a regular session and approved street closures for the Lighted Parade on November 30th for the Charles City Community Revitalization project.

Yesterday the county board of supervisors yesterday received a written acceptance a counter offer for 101 South Jackson street.  

The $65,000 purchase will be officially owned starting on October 15th. The parcel will be used for the law enforcement center project.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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