A Winning Combination: Cookies, Softball And Baseball

Charles City, Iowa – Food and sports go hand-in-hand.  Maybe it’s your favorite smoked foods before kickoff to your favorite team’s game.  

How about this combination? Cookies, softball and baseball?

That’s right.  The Charles City Comets are hoping that’s the winning combination to help build a brand new sports complex.

For the rest of the week the Charles City Hy-Vee is sponsoring “Cookies-For-A-Cause.”  Ryan Parker is Hy’Vee’s store Director.


Parker says there is also leaflets to take home at the registers to help pledge donations to the ball-park.


The Comets are trying to play at home because the 1970’s Sportsmen’s Park lies in a flood plain and was unusable this past season for the majority of home softball and baseball games.  It flooded in 1993, 98 and 2008.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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