‘Paris To Pittsburgh’ Reveals Clarksville’s Battle With Climate Change

Clarksville, Iowa – National Geographic’s ‘Paris to Pittsburgh’ hit television screens across the nation last night.

The two-hour documentary focused on President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris Accords and the climate change ramifications on American Citizens.

It featured two Iowa towns: Kalona and Clarksville.


That’s Clarksville Mayor Val Swinton who says he’s pleased how the producers portrayed his town and the state of Iowa.

The documentary pinpointed certain areas across the country where climate change had adverse effects on its citizens. The 2016 Clarksville flood happened to be the second 150 year flood in less than a decade.

Swinton says after watching, he’s not sure if the evolving weather patterns are a result of climate change.


The documentary showed the importance of using solar and wind power as alternative resources leading to renewable energy. ‘Paris to Pittsburgh’ pointed out the political divide on the issue and said some Iowa conservatives are being forced to use liberal solutions.

Swinton says he disagrees with the label and says they’re practical solutions.



Chris Berg

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