Pledge of Allegiance causes disruption at Mitchell County supervisors meeting

Osage, Iowa -The Pledge of Allegiance caused a dispute Tuesday morning at the Mitchell County board of supervisors.

Supervisor Stan Walk left the room before the meeting started as patrons recited the pledge, according to the Mason City Globe Gazette.

The week before, Walk led a board discussion regarding the legitimacy of the phrase “and  justice for all.”

County Attorney Mark Walk informed the chair Steve Smolik if pledge is desired, he needs to move for a motion.

In a video on Al Winters for Mitchell County Supervisor’s Facebook page, Attorney Walk is talking to chairmen Smolik.

Mitchell County Board of Supervisors Meeting January 8, 2019

Mitchell County Board of Supervisors Weekly Meeting, Osage, IA Date: January 8, 2019Just moments before the Regular Weekly Meeting was to begin Mitchell County resident, Russ Brandau, asked for those present to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. As those in attendance rose, Mitchell County Supervisor Stanley Walk attempted to stop Mr. Brandau. Seeing the crowd rising Supervisor Walk left the room. He stood separated from the room full of people and did not participate in any way. After the Pledge, Stanley Walk entered the room and stood by Mitchell County Attorney, Mark Walk. Attorney Walk then lectured the chair of the Board of Supervisors, Steve Smolik, accusing him of "playing games" by allowing the Pledge of Allegiance to be recited. Smolik explained that the meeting had NOT been called to order. Mark Walk continued to lecture Supervisor Smolik calling him "unprofessional" and claiming this action (reciting the Pledge) would divide the board and the county. Near the end of the tape County Attorney Mark Walk turns around to have an exchange with me stating that the Pledge of Allegiance is "controversial". He even attempts to get me to agree with him that the Pledge is controversial. Watch the video for yourself.

Posted by Al Winters for Mitchell County Supervisor on Tuesday, January 8, 2019


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