Fundraiser set for Greene baby with Edwards Syndrome

Greene, Iowa – One glance at Thomas Spratt and you instantly know he’s a fighter.

Behind the breathing and feeding tubes is a personality waiting to be unleashed.

Call it a gladiator’s mentality for the three-moth old, who’s been diagnosed with Edwards Syndrome, a disease affecting development due to chromosomes not splitting correctly.


Jasmine and Chase Spratt of Greene received the news just days after their first son’s birth.

Chase tells North Iowa News his son has a one percent chance he’ll see his first birthday.


Edwards syndrome affects 1 in 6,000 babies.  In some cases, females can live into their 20s but will never be able to function on their own. Males have a significantly less chance of living that long.

With medical bills piling up from around-the-clock care, the family is hosting a fundraiser Saturday, January 19th at the Greene Community Center from 5 until 8 p.m.. The money raised will be used for Thomas and anything left over will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.


Once glance is all it takes and you will always know Thomas Spratt won’t give up without a fight.


Donations can also be sent to Lincoln Savings Banks in Greene and Allison.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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