McGrath opens discussion with supervisors over ambulance service

New Hampton, Iowa – Uncertainty continues to grow around the future of an ambulance service in Chickasaw County.

At Monday morning’s board of supervisors meeting, Jeremy McGrath, owner of the Chickasaw County Ambulance Service,  proposed an idea he would enter into a contract between his service and the county.

The proposal comes after disagreements between the Chickasaw Ambulance Council and McGrath’s company.

He tells North Iowa News personnel and finance shortfalls due to Medicare reimbursements left him to cancel the contract.


McGrath terminated his contract at the beginning of the year, which ends services on July 1.

He says another reason he approached the board is because of how they currently fund his service.


The supervisors took no action and asked questions, but did not give McGrath an answer.

He says a potential five year contract would make the service more stable unless reimbursements get any lower.


McGrath declined to comment on how much it costs due to the council’s RFP’s process.  The ambulance council meets Monday night at 6 to send out the RFPs.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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