City looking for parking, abatement answers for North Grand project

Charles City, Iowa – Parking requirements and tax abatement are some of the items being thoroughly reviewed by Charles City officials for the remodel of the 500 North Grand Building.

After meeting with the project’s developer Shawn Foutch on Monday, City Administrator Steve Diers says they’re seeking a 10-year 100 percent tax abatement.


Diers tells North Iowa News the city would not give the money until after completion of the project.

The 1930s section is being remodeled into 40 livable apartments.

He says with living, parking requirements have become a concern.


Diers says not only is how many parking stalls are enough but where they need to go.


The project is expected to take 3-5 years to complete.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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