Negotiating committee formed to solve ambulance service dilemma

New Hampton, Iowa – Chickasaw County officials broke a stalemate regarding funding concerns with an ambulance service.

At a joint meeting between the ambulance council and board of supervisors Monday night, the groups created a negotiating committee between Jeremy McGrath, owner of the current service, members of the council, a supervisor and a representative from Mercy One.

Supervisor Chair Jacob Hackman says the meeting was positive and productive.


The council received one bid for $350,000 from McGrath’s company, which increased $300,000.

The council felt the contract cost too much and came to the supervisors to find money and there were three potential solutions.

It would cost $28.94 per person in Chickasaw County meaning county residents would foot nearly half the bill at $146,900.  The deficit would need to be made up by towns. .

Hackman said the idea came after crunching numbers.


Nashua Mayor Scott Cerwinske says his council wouldn’t support the proposal.


McGrath says the cost increase due to hiring four full time paramedics, one part-time EMT and absorb Medicaid losses.


Negotiations are set to begin Wednesday.

The other option is to take it to the voters to add it as a tax in the next election, but service would not begin until 2020-2021 leaving a one year gap.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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