Motorists need to use caution around large farm equipment on the roads

Charles City, Iowa – Spring planting season is finally underway and state public safety officials are reminding motorists to check their speed as they approach over-sized farm equipment.

Iowa Highway Patrol Sergeant Nate Ludwig says traditional cars and trucks are no match for agricultural machinery which often weighs several tons.

He says trying to get around those big tractors pulling implements can be dangerous.


Ludwig says he hopes drivers will resist the urge to pass lumbering farm equipment in no passing zones. He says not only is that a bad idea, it’s against the law.


Even if the farmer waves you around, Ludwig says it’s best to wait until you can actually see that it’s safe to pass.

Planting season often runs around the clock and huge equipment is frequently moved between fields at night.

Ludwig says farmers need to share responsibility by making sure it’s obvious when they’re going to turn or come to a sudden stop.


Radio Iowa

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