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Ambulance Council working on counteroffer in hopes to ‘move forward’

Ambulance service crisis grows as July 1 deadline approaches

New Hampton, Iowa – Chickasaw County residents voiced support, concern and frustration about the on-going stalemate between Chickasaw Ambulance Service and the county.

Waucoma resident Lacy Carolan is one of 150 some residents who attended Monday’s Chickasaw County Ambulance Council meeting.


The council fielded comments and questions for 30 minutes before discussing possible solutions to the ambulance service crisis.

After members didn’t approve a renegotiated contract with Jeremy McGrath last week, Chairmen Steve Geerts and New Hampton Mayor Deb Larson created a three-year counteroffer of $141,894.70.

It provides a $2 per hour on call stipend, ability for both parties to get same option to opt out of the contract, and hire an EMT and paramedic.

Larson says there needs to be accountability.


Geerts  says the proposal is a way to move forward before the June 30 deadline.


The counteroffer needs to be reviewed by a lawyer and approved by the council before sending it to McGrath and then if signed the supervisors where they’ll either provide the funds or not.



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