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Prepare for flood-closed roads & gas stations during busy holiday travel weekend

Des Moines, Iowa – Iowans who plan a trip over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend will need to plot their route carefully as many roads across the region are closed either by flooding or by flood damage.

Rose White, at Triple-A-Iowa, says the motor club is predicting this will be the second-busiest Memorial Day weekend on record for all forms of travel, which includes air, ship, rail and car.


That’s up more than three-percent from last year. More than 37-million people will be traveling by car nationwide over the weekend and Iowans might want to get online before getting on the road.


We’ve seen photos in recent weeks of gas stations in southwest Iowa that were inundated by floodwaters, so it’s very possible some of our regular road trip pit stops won’t be open.


Gasoline prices for the first holiday weekend of the summer driving season are down from a year ago.


White says the busiest travel days will be Thursday and Friday, so try to avoid those days entirely or schedule it so you’re not going through big cities during rush hours.


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