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Aerial attack on gypsy moths planned for Allamakee County

Allamakee County, Iowa – Residents of Allamakee County in northeast Iowa might notice some low flying planes over wooded areas in the next couple of days.

Iowa Department of Agriculture gypsy moth coordinator, Mike Kintner, says the planes are dropping material to try and limit  the spread of the European gypsy moth.


They aren’t trying to kill the moths — they are trying to kill their mood to reproduce.


The material dropped from the planes is an organic-certified, food-grade substance that hits the tree leaves  as small waxy droplets that slowly release a synthetic gypsy moth mating pheromone.

Kintner says they’ve held informational meetings in the area to let people know about the flights and the planes should be flying in wooded areas where there aren’t any people.


The first applications are scheduled for the morning on Thursday (June 26th) and should be done by midday.  The schedule does depend on the weather.


The treatment in Allamakee County will focus on a 691-acre rural area southeast of Dorchester.

The Iowa Department of Agriculture is working with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and the U-S-D-A Gypsy Moth “Slow the Spread Program”  to try and keep the moths from expanding their area in the state.


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