Iowa’s well behind average for tornadoes in 2019, not that we’re complaining…

Des Moines, Iowa – While tornadoes can strike during any month of the year in Iowa, the peak months are April, May and June. Now that we’re into July, the risks diminish slightly.

Meteorologist Brooke Hagenhoff, at the National Weather Service, says Iowa had zero tornadoes during April and didn’t see this year’s first twister touch down until May 22nd.


We’re never out of the woods with tornadoes, so she urges people to remain vigilant, though at the moment, Iowa is well behind normal for the potentially-deadly wind storms.


The past few years, Iowa had above-average numbers of tornadoes, with 55 in 2017 and 69 last year. July 19th of last year brought an outbreak of very large, destructive tornadoes to Marshalltown, Pella and Bondurant.

Tornadoes have hit Iowa during the fall, too. For example, a twister tore through Belmond in October of 1966 and Stratford in November of 2005.


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