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Historic steam locomotive to make journey across Iowa

Charles City, Iowa – The world’s largest steam locomotive will be chugging across Iowa this month, carrying a full load of passengers. The 1940s-era locomotive known as Big Boy Number 40-14 will steam from one end of Iowa to the other during its tour.

Tim McMahan, a spokesman for Omaha-based Union Pacific, says there will be fans of historic trains at every stop along the way.


Later in the month, the locomotive will run another route starting in Clinton on July 30th, with stops in Wheatland, Cedar Rapids, Belle Plaine, Marshalltown, Elkhart and Des Moines. The big locomotive is one of only 25 that was manufactured and it was featured in Ogden, Utah, at a special event back in May.


The rare machine was used as a model for photographs to mark the special occasion.


In addition to the Iowa tour, other stops will be made across Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. Learn more at


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