Osage surpasses state, worldwide computer science test scores

Osage, Iowa – Students at Osage high school outscored their peers in Iowa and the world on the AP Computer Science Principles standardized test taken earlier this spring.

Sixteen of Osage’s students scored an average 3.25 compared to 305 other students in Iowa who recorded a 3.06

According to Superintendent Barb Schwamman, the district edged the world-wide average of 3.15.


Kids in grades 9-12 were eligible for the test.  They were graded on a scale of 1-5 on their knowledge and abilities of the discipline.

Schwamman says the results mean students are learning on a “high level.”


The district has classes available as early as middle school. Osage became one of Iowa’s first schools to mandate computer science as a high school course.

She says the curriculum allows for students to be ready for the job market and college plans.


Nearly 94,000 students were tested worldwide. Osage had 87.5 percent of their students who scored a three or higher while, the state average was 69.8% and a global average of 73.3 percent.


Chris Berg

Chris was born in Webster City and raised in Charles City. As a young kid, he would always be caught singing along to songs on the radio. He says he's good at karaoke but we think otherwise. ;) In his free time, he enjoys beginning new projects at home and hardly ever finishing them. Chris lives in Charles City with his wife Vicki, daughter Brynlee and son Jaxon.
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